Hand #139 - Jonathan Little Wins the WPT Mirage Poker Showdown!

May 23, 2007

Cory Carroll has the button, he raises, Little moves all in, and Carroll instantly calls with [Ah 7d]. Little shows [As 2s], and he’ll need to improve to win the tournament right here.

The flop comes [10d 5c 2h], and Little pairs his deuce to take the lead. Carroll now needs to catch a seven to stay alive.

But the turn card is the [2c], and Little clinches the hand — and the tournament — with trip deuces. (The meaningless river card is the [Qh].)

Cory Carroll is eliminated in second place, earning $561,966.

Jonathan Little wins the 2007 WPT Mirage Poker Showdown, earning $1,091,795. Congratulations, Jonathan!

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