Hand #142: Jared Jaffee Wins a Pot Worth 9.6 Million to Take a Big Lead Over Dojie Ignacio

May 26, 2023

Jared JaffeePhoto:  Jared Jaffee

HAND #142  –  Dojie Ignacio limps for 400,000, Jared Jaffee raises from the big blind to 1,500,000, and Ignacio calls.

The flop comes Diamond QSpade QSpade 6, Jaffee bets 700,000, and Ignacio calls.

The turn card is the Spade 9, Jaffee checks, Ignacio bets 2,400,000, and Jaffee calls.

The river card double-pairs the board with the Heart 9, and both players check. Jaffee shows Heart AHeart Q for a full house, queens full of nines, and Ignacio mucks. Jaffee wins the pot worth 9.6 million to take a big lead.

Seat 2.  Dojie Ignacio  –  11,200,000
Seat 6.  Jared Jaffee  –  19,400,000

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