Hand #147: Mike Eskandari Doubles Thru Harry Arutyunyan

Aug 30, 2014

Harry Arutyunyan limps for 250,000, and Mike Eskandari checks his option.

The flop comes [Qs4d2s], Eskandari checks, Arutyunyan bets 250,000, and Eskandari check-raises to 875,000. Arutyunyan thinks for a few moments and moves all in.

Eskandari calls all in for 4,550,000 with [Qh7c] for a pair of queens. Arutyunyan turns over [Kc4s] for a pair of fours, and Eskandari needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn is the [Ad], the river is the [2d], and Eskandari wins the pot with two pair, queens and deuces, to double up in chips.

Massoud "Mike" Eskandari
Harry Arutyunyan  –  9,250,000  (37 bb)
Mike Eskandari  –  9,700,000  (38 bb)

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