Hand #148: Chance Kornuth Doubles Thru Steve Buckner

May 26, 2022

Steve Buckner limps for 600,000, and Chance Kornuth checks his option.

Both players check to the turn on a board of Club 10Heart 4Diamond 3Spade J, Kornuth checks, Buckner bets 800,000, and Kornuth thinks for a while before he check-raises to 2,500,000. Buckner thinks for nearly 30 seconds before he calls.

The river card is the Heart K, Buckner quickly checks out of turn, but the action is on Kornuth, who thinks for a while before he moves all in for 5,900,000. Buckner uses both of his final Time Chips to tank for more than a minute before he calls with Diamond JDiamond 2 for a pair of jacks.

But Kornuth turns over Spade KClub J to win the pot with two pair, kings and jacks, to double up in chips.

Seat 1.  Steve Buckner  –  20,800,000
Seat 5.  Chance Kornuth  –  18,600,000

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