Hand #15: Vanessa Selbst Doubles Thru Phil Laak

Sep 21, 2014

Phil Laak_WPT Monster Invitational_S13_Final Table_Giron_8JG1361Tony Dunst raises under the gun to 13,000, Vanessa Selbst calls from the cutoff, Antonio Esfandiari calls from the small blind, and Phil Laak calls from the big blind.

All four players check to the river on a board of on a board of [Jh6s3c3s5d], Esfandiari checks, and Laak bets 39,000. Dunst folds, and Selbst tanks for a while before she raises to 134,000.

Esfandiari folds, and Laak thinks for a while before he moves all in. Selbst snap-calls all in for 316,000.

Laak shows [6c6h] for a full house, sixes full of threes, but Selbst turns over [JdJs] for a higher full house, jacks full of threes, to win the pot and double up in chips.

Seat 1.  Antonio Esfandiari  –  154,000
Seat 2.  Phil Laak  –  162,000
Seat 3.  Tony Dunst  –  124,000
Seat 4.  Scotty Nguyen  –  236,000
Seat 5.  Vanessa Selbst  –  690,000
Seat 6.  David Williams  –  134,000

After the hand, Esfandiari says, “Well, we have a new champion, ladies and gentlemen."

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