Hand #154: Scott Seiver Wins the WPT World Championship ($1,618,344)

May 20, 2011

Scott Seiver min-raises to 400,000, and Farzad Bonyadi calls. Both players check to the river on a board of [10c6d2sQcKs], Bonyadi checks, Seiver bets 600,000, and Bonyadi check-raises to 1,600,000.

Seiver thinks for about 15 seconds before he moves all in. Bonyadi tanks for three minutes before he calls.

Seiver turns over Js9d for a king-high straight — the second nuts. Bonyadi shows [Qs10h] for two pair, but it’s not enough. Bonyadi is eliminated in second place, earning $1,061,900.

Scott Seiver wins the pot — and the WPT World Championship — with a king-high straight. Seiver earns $1,618,344, a WPT bracelet, a Bellagio bracelet, and his prize money includes entry into next season’s WPT World Championship.

1st:  Scott Seiver  –  $1,618,344
2nd:  Farzad Bonyadi  –  $1,061,900
3rd:  Galen Hall  –  $589,355
4th:  Roger Teska  –  $371,665
5th:  Tony Gargano  –  $278,749
6th:  Justin Young  –  $225,654

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