Hand #156: Daniel Weinman Takes a Pot Worth 1,060,000

Apr 9, 2017

Michael Mizrachi limps for 30,000, and Daniel Weinman checks the option in the big blind.

The flop comes Heart 10Club 6Heart 3, Weinman checks, Mizrachi bets 35,000, and Weinman calls.

The turn card is the Heart 6, Weinman bets 60,000, and Mizrachi calls.

The river card is the Club 8, Weinman checks, Mizrachi bets 400,000, and Weinman thinks for about 25 seconds before he moves all in for 1,590,000. The bet is counted down, and Mizrachi has 30 seconds — with no remaining Time Chips — to make his decision.

With about five seconds left, Mizrachi folds, and one of his cards flips up — the Heart 5. Weinman takes the pot, and shows Spade 9Heart 8 for two pair, eights and sixes.

Pot Size:  1,060,000

Seat 1.  Michael Mizrachi  –  1,050,000
Seat 2.  Daniel Weinman  –  2,250,000

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