Hand #157: Qing Liu Shoves the River To Take a Pot Worth 12.8 Million -- And the Chip Lead

Mar 9, 2021

Qing Liu
Photo:  Qing Liu

HAND #157  –  Joe McKeehen raises to 650,000, and Qing Liu calls. The flop comes Spade AHeart KHeart 7, Liu checks, McKeehen bets 400,000, and Liu check-raises to 1,600,000. McKeehen calls. The turn card is the Club K, Liu bets 4,000,000, and McKeehen calls.

The river card is the Diamond K, Liu moves all in for about 10.1 million, and McKeehen folds. Liu takes the pot — and the chip lead.

Qing Liu  –  22,900,000  (76 bb)
Joe McKeehen  –  14,600,000  (49 bb)

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