Hand #162: Art Papayzan Wins WPT Maryland at Live! Casino ($389,405), Zachary Donovan Runner-Up ($262,930)

Oct 4, 2017

Hand #162: Zachary Donovan open-raises all in for 2.925 million from the button and Art Papazyan calls.

Donovan tables his Heart ASpade 4, but Papazyan has woken up with Spade KHeart K.

The board comes Club 10Heart 10Diamond 8Diamond 5Club J — no ace to save Donovan who comes up one spot shy of the title. Meanwhile Art Papazyan wins his second WPT title in as many tries, as his last time out he won the WPT Legends of Poker only five weeks ago!

Congratulations to Art Papazyan for topping a 561-entry field to claim another WPT title and extend his lead in the WPT Hublot Player of the Year race.

Champion Art Papazyan

1st: Art Papazyan – $389,405*
2nd: Zachary Donovan – $262,930
3rd: Tom Reynolds – $168,990
4th: Randal Heeb – $120,165
5th: Grigoriy Shvarts – $92,015
6th: Timothy Chang – $76,620

*First-prize amount includes a $15,000 seat into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions

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