Hand #168: Albert Knafo Shoves the River

Jul 14, 2021

Albert Knafo and Steven Sarmiento
Photo:  Albert Knafo (left) shoves the river against Steven Sarmiento (right).

In the last hand of Level 36, Albert Knafo limps for 400,000, Steven Sarmiento raises to 1.4 million, and Knafo calls.

The flop comes Heart KSpade KSpade 8, Sarmiento bets 1.0 million, and Knafo calls.

The turn card is the Heart A, and both players check.

The river card is the Spade A, Sarmiento bets 3.0 million, Knafo moves all in, and Sarmiento tanks for about five minutes before he folds. Knafo takes the pot.

Albert Knafo  –  35.2 million  (88 bb)
Steven Sarmiento  –  10.2 million  (26 bb)

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