Hand #170: Guo Liang Chen Doubles Thru Gregory Weber

Sep 22, 2017

Heads Up Guo Chen

Gregory Weber raises to 1,000,000, and Guo Liang Chen calls.

The flop comes Heart 9Heart 8Spade 3, Chen checks, Weber bets 1,000,000, and Chen calls.

The turn card pairs the board with the Diamond 3, Chen bets 1,500,000, and Weber calls.

The river card is the Spade A, Chen checks, Weber moves all in, and Chen takes off his glasses, gets up out of his chair, and with less than 10 seconds remaining, Chen tosses some chips in to call all in for 5,750,000.

Weber shows Diamond QDiamond 7 for a queen-high bluff, and Chen turns over Spade 9Diamond 8 to win the pot with two pair, nines and eights, and double up in chips.

Seat 2.  Gregory Weber  –  15,275,000
Seat 5.  Guo Liang Chen  –  18,600,000

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