Hand #19: Jonathan Roy Out in 9th Place ($7,012)

Nov 6, 2014

Jonathan Roy
Hand #19  –  Christophe Rosso raises from middle position to 22,000, Jonathan Roy (pictured) reraises from the cutoff to 52,000, and Rosso calls.

The flop comes [Ah9h4s], Rosso bets 75,000, and Roy calls.

The turn is the [Js], Rosso bets 250,000, and Roy tanks for a while before he calls all in with [Ad8d] for a pair of aces. But Rosso turns over [AcJh] for top two pair, aces and jacks, and Roy is drawing dead.

The meaningless river card is the [10h], and Rosso wins the pot with his two pair to eliminate WPT Champions Club member Jonathan Roy in ninth place.

Christophe Rosso  –  1,620,000  (270 bb)
Jonathan Roy  –  Eliminated in 9th Place  ($7,012)

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