Hand #21: Josh Emerton Eliminated in 8th Place (AUD $36,509 / US $24,720)

Oct 6, 2019

Josh Emerton Eliminated
Photo:  Josh Emerton (center) receives a fist-bump from Julius Colman after Emerton’s elimination.

Travis Endersby raises to 150,000 from under the gun and is called by George Psarras in the small blind. Josh Emerton then moves all in for 560,000 from the big blind. Endersby immediately moves all in over the top which forces a fold from Psarras.

Endersby: Club ASpade Q
Emerton: Diamond ASpade 10

Emerton is unable to improve, after the board run out Heart KClub 3Diamond QClub QHeart 2, resulting in his elimination in 8th place.

Travis Endersby  –  2,250,000  (38 bb)
Josh Emerton  –  Eliminated in 8th Place  (AUD $36,509 / ~US $24,720)

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