Hand #22: Brian Hastings Doubles Thru Scott Margereson; Hastings Leads with 10.83M

Apr 17, 2018

Brian Hastings
Photo:  Brian Hastings

Hand #22  –  Scott Margereson raises from middle position to 120,000, Brian Hastings reraises from the small blind to 475,000, and Margereson calls.

The flop comes Heart QDiamond QSpade 6, Hastings checks, Margereson bets 350,000, and Hastings calls. The turn card is the Spade A, Hastings checks, Margereson bets 1,200,000, and Hastings calls.

The river card is the Diamond 2, Hastings checks, Margereson moves all in, and Hastings snap-calls all in for 3,315,000 with Heart ADiamond A for top full house, aces full of queens.

Margereson shows Club QClub J for trip queens, and Hastings wins the pot to double up into the chip lead with more than 10 million.

Brian Hastings  –  10,830,000  (181 bb)
Scott Margereson  –  3,400,000  (57 bb)

Photo:  Scott Margereson
Scott Margereson

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