Hand 23: Anthony Zinno Eliminated in Fifth Place ($68,860)

Mar 12, 2019


Anthony Zinno (pictured) raises to 55,000 on the cutoff, and both Jim Collopy (button) and Ajay Chabra (big blind) call. The flop is dealt 5d3c2d, Zinno bets 150,000, Collopy calls, and Chabra check-folds. The turn falls Jd, Zinno moves all in, Collopy calls to cover him. The two players then flip over their cards.

Collopy: 9d7d
Zinno: KhKc

River: 2h

Zinno is eliminated in fifth place, good for $68,860, and Collopy stacks up 6,865,000 after the hand thanks to a flush.

Jim Collopy – 6,865,000 (274 bb)
Anthony Zinno – Eliminated in Fifth Place ($68,860)

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