Hand #243: Andrew Lichtenberger

Dec 20, 2014

Andrew Lichtenberger

Andrew Lichtenberger raises to 250,000 and Tom Marchese calls. The flop comes Jclub8spade3club and both players check.

The turn is the 4spade and the duo checks again.

The river brings the 5club, prompting a check from Marchese and a bet of 330,000 from Lichtenberger. Marchese sits motionless for a minute or so before raising, making it 1,130,000 to play.

It is now Lichtenberger’s turn to sit motionless and deliberate, which does for a while. Neither player makes eye contact as Lichtenberger mulls over his decision.

Lichtenberger calls and Marchese shows a pair of treys. Lichtenberger has him bested with a rivered pair of fives and takes the pot, putting some healthy room between him and his opponent.

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