Hand #246: Andrew Lichtenberger Wins Bellagio Alpha8!

Dec 20, 2014

Tom Marchese raises to 300,000 and Andrew Lichtenberger reraises, making it 900,000 to play. Marchese takes some time before four-betting to 1.9 million total.

Lichtenberger announces he is all-in and Marchese quickly calls.

Lichtenberger turns over Qclub9club and he is racing with Marchese’s 8heart8diamond.

The flop comes Jclub4club4heart, giving Lichtenberger a flush draw in addition to his overcards.

The Kclub on the turn makes Lichtenberger’s flush and, with the 5diamond on the river, Lichtenberger takes the pot and the first-ever Bellagio Alpha8 title!

Lichtenberger earns $2,104,245 for the win, which is his largest career cash. Marchese, meanwhile, collects $1,240,965 for his runner-up showing.

Here are the final table results from the Bellagio $100,000 Alpha8 final table:

1st: Andrew Lichtenberger – $2,104,245
2nd: Tom Marchese – $1,240,965
3rd: Brian Rast – $755,370
4th: Noah Schwartz – $539,550
5th: Jason Les – $431,630
6th: Bryn Kenney – $323,730
7th: Brandon Steven
8th: Phil Laak

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