Hand #27: Omar Lakhdari Eliminated in 6th Place ($208,025)

Jan 26, 2022

Elimination Omar Lakdhari

Hand #27: Daniel Lazrus raises to 450,000 under the gun and Omar Lakhdari announces he’s all in from the cutoff. His stack is totaled to be 3.625 million and Lazrus thinks for a few moments before calling.

Lakhdari: Spade KSpade Q
Lazrus: Diamond 9Club 9

Lakhdari needs to win the coin flip to stay alive. The flop Spade 9Diamond 5Spade 2 gives Lazrus top set, but Lakhdari picks up a flush draw. It fails to complete as the turn Diamond 10 and river Diamond K complete the runout to end his tournament run as the sixth-place finisher.

Daniel Lazrus – 11,750,000
Omar Lakhdari – Eliminated in 6th Place ($208,025)

Elimination Omar Lakdhari

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