Hand #27: Yanick Brodeur

Sep 24, 2009

Yanick Brodeur raises from the button to 400,000, and Jeremy Brown calls from the small blind. They check to the river on a board of [10s8h6hAc5h], Brown bets 575,000, and Brodeur calls.

Brown says, "Queen high," and Brodeur says, "Two pair." Yanick Brodeur shows [8s5c] to win the pot with two pair, eights and fives.

Seat 1.  Yanick Brodeur  –  5,760,000
Seat 3.  Jeremy Brown  –  7,600,000
Seat 4.  Olivier Busquet  –  10,060,000
Seat 6.  Ivan Mamuzic  –  6,155,000

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