Hand #30: David Ormsby Doubles Thru Michael Mizrachi

Apr 9, 2017

David Ormsby

Michael Mizrachi raises from the cutoff to 25,000, Daniel Weinman calls, and David Ormsby (pictured) calls from the small blind.

The flop comes Spade QDiamond 10Club 2, Ormsby checks, and Mizrachi bets 28,000. Weinman folds, and Ormsby calls.

The turn card is the Diamond K, Ormsby checks, Mizrachi bets 60,000, and Ormsby calls.

The river card is the Spade 6, Ormsby checks, Mizrachi moves all in, and Ormsby calls all in for 138,000 with Diamond JDiamond 9 for a king-high straight. Mizrachi turns over Spade 8Heart 8, and Ormsby wins the pot to double up in chips.

Seat 1.  Michael Mizrachi  –  664,000
Seat 2.  Daniel Weinman  –  962,000
Seat 3.  David Ormsby  –  551,000
Seat 4.  Daniel Santoro  –  305,000
Seat 5.  Erik Seidel  –  431,000
Seat 6.  Dylan Wilkerson  –  388,000

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