Hand #34: Dietrich Fast

Mar 3, 2016

Dietrich Fast raises from the cutoff to 135,000, and Mike Shariati calls from the big blind.

Both players check to the turn on a board of Spade KClub 8Spade 6Club 3, Shariati checks, Fast bets 160,000, and Shariati thinks for a while before he calls.

The river card is the Heart 3, Shariati checks, Fast bets 330,000, and Shariati tanks for more than a minute before he calls. Fast shows Diamond AHeart 8 to win the pot with two pair, eights and threes, and Shariati mucks.

Seat 2.  Alex Keating  –  4,990,000
Seat 3.  Dietrich Fast  –  3,355,000
Seat 4.  Sam Soverel  –  3,435,000
Seat 5.  Farid Jattin  –  2,315,000
Seat 6.  Mike Shariati  –  1,350,000

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