Hand #42: Chris Barker Eliminated in 7th Place (AUD $45,851 / ~US $31,046)

Oct 7, 2019

Chris Barker moves all in for 200,000 from the hijack and is called by Julius Colman and George Psarras in the blinds.

Both Colman and Psarras check down the Spade QDiamond QClub 5 flop, followed by the Spade 9 on the turn, before the Heart 10 completes the board.

Colman checks. Psarras tosses out 175,000. Colman mucks.

Psarras then tables Heart QDiamond 9 for a full house, and takes out Barker, after Barker shows Club 6Spade 6 for two pair.

George Psarras – 5,800,000  (73 bb)
Chris Barker  –  Eliminated in 7th Place  (AUD $45,851 / ~US $31,046)

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