Hand #44: Keating Doubles Thru Nguyen; Nguyen Down to One Chip

Mar 2, 2016

Binh Nguyen_Alex Keating

Photo: Binh Nguyen (left) and Alex Keating (center) stand together to watch the board that will determine their fates in the tournament.

Hand #44  –  Binh Nguyen raises from the button to 75,000, Alex Keating reraises from the big blind to 250,000, and Nguyen moves all in for 835,000.

Keating calls with a similar stack and turns over Spade ADiamond K. Nguyen turns over Spade 5Club 5, and it’s unclear who is at risk here. Whoever loses this pot will either be eliminated or down to very few chips.

The board comes Heart 10Heart 7Heart 4Diamond ADiamond 9, and Keating pairs his ace on the turn to win the pot. Their chip stacks are counted down, and Nguyen had just 5,000 more than Keating.

Alex Keating  –  1,715,000  (57 bb)
Binh Nguyen  –  5,000  (1 ante)

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