Hand #45: Binh Nguyen Eliminated in 8th Place ($127,660)

Mar 2, 2016

Binh Nguyen

Hand #45  –  Binh Nguyen (pictured) is forced all in from the cutoff for 5,000 — his ante. Mike Shariati limps from the hijack for 30,000, Alex Keating completes the small blind, and Dietrich Fast checks his option in the big blind.

The main pot is worth 40,000, and that’s all that Nguyen is eligible for. The side pot is worth 90,000, and any further betting will go into the side pot.

The flop comes Spade KDiamond 6Club 4, and Keating bets 45,000. Fast and Shariati both fold. Keating takes the side pot.

For the main pot, Nguyen turns over Club 9Diamond 7 (nine high), and he needs to improve to stay alive against Keating’s Diamond ASpade 6 (pair of sixes).

The turn card is the Club J, the river is the Club 6, and Keating wins the pot with trip sixes to eliminate Nguyen in eighth place.

Alex Keating  –  1,800,000  (60 bb)
Binh Nguyen  –  Eliminated in 8th Place  ($127,660)

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