Hand #47: Brek Schutten Takes a Pot Worth 29.7 Million From Sonny Franco

May 18, 2021

Brekstyn Schutten

Sonny Franco raises from the button to 1.0 million, Brek Schutten (pictured) reraises from the small blind to 3.5 million, and Franco calls.

The flop comes Spade 9Spade 3Club 3, Schutten bets 2.3 million, and Franco calls.

The turn card is the Heart 10, Schutten bets 4.0 million, and Franco uses one of his Time Chips to tank for nearly a minute before he raises to 9.0 million.

Schutten thinks for about 30 seconds before he moves all in for a total of 34.4 million, and Franco quickly folds. Schutten takes the pot.

Seat 1.  Brek Schutten  –  56,000,000
Seat 3.  Steven Snyder  –  18,100,000
Seat 4.  Viet Vo  –  9,700,000
Seat 6.  Sonny Franco  –  15,500,000

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