Hand #47: Guo Liang Chen Doubles Thru Thomas Paul

Sep 22, 2017

Double Up_Guo Chen Double Up_Guo Chen

Thomas Paul raises from the cutoff to 275,000, Guo Liang Chen raises from the small blind to 860,000, and Paul moves all in.

Chen calls all in for 3,510,000 with Heart KClub K, and Paul turns over Club QClub J. Chen needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The board comes Spade ADiamond 8Club 2Club 10Diamond 3 — Paul picks up a lot of outs on the turn with a club flush draw and a double-gutshot straight draw, but the river card is a blank. Chen wins the pot with his pocket kings to double up in chips.

Guo Liang Chen  –  7,260,000  (61 bb)

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