Hand #47: Thomas Paul Doubles Thru Muarem Kica

Sep 21, 2017

Thomas Paul

Hand #47  –  Muarem Kica raises under the gun to 265,000, Gregory Weber calls from the hijack, and Thomas Paul (pictured) reraises from the cutoff to 1,150,000.

Kica moves all in for about 3.9 million, Weber folds, and Paul quickly calls all in for 2,870,000 with Heart ADiamond A. Kica turns over Diamond QClub Q, and Paul needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

[Weber flashed his cards to the TV cameras before he folded and gave us permission to report his hand — it was Spade 8Heart 8].

The board comes Diamond 7Heart 6Heart 3Diamond 6Diamond 5, and the pocket aces hold up for Paul to win the pot and double up in chips.

Thomas Paul  –  6,250,000  (78 bb)
Muarem Kica  –  1,000,000  (13 bb)

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