Hand #5: Daniela Rodriguez Doubles Thru Kitty Kuo

Jul 7, 2021

Double Up Daniela Rodriguez
Photo:  Daniela Rodriguez

HAND #5  –  Kitty Kuo moves all in from the button for 2,375,000, and Daniela Rodriguez calls all in from the big blind for 2,125,000 with Spade ASpade 10.

Kuo turns over Diamond JClub J, and Rodriguez needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes Club ADiamond QHeart 10Heart 8Spade 6 — Rodriguez flops two pair to Kuo’s gutshot straight draw, but the next two cards are bricks. Rodriguez wins the pot with her two pair to double up in chips.

Daniela Rodriguez  –  4,450,000  (36 bb)
Kitty Kuo  –  250,000  (2 bb)

Kitty Kuo Kitty Kuo
Photo:  Kitty Kuo

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