Hand #5: Robel Andemichael Eliminated in 6th Place ($167,000)

Nov 30, 2022

Robel Andemichael Eliminated

Hand #5: Andrew Wilson opens the hi-jack to 400,000 and action folds to Robel Andemichael in the small blind, who moves all in for 700,000. Josh Kay folds the big blind, and Wilson calls.

Andemichael – Heart ADiamond 4
Wilson – Spade AHeart Q

The board runs out Club 9Club 5Heart 10Heart KHeart 7, and Wilson holds the better ace high to eliminate Andemichael in 6th place for $167,000.

Andrew Wilson – 36,000,000
Robel Andemichael – Eliminated in 6th place for $167,000

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