Hand #50: Ky Nguyen Calls Ryan Salunga's Bluff

May 27, 2023

Ky Nguyen raises from the button to 250,000, and Ryan Salunga calls from the big blind.

Both players check to the turn on a board of Club QClub 5Spade 2Heart Q, Salunga bets 350,000, and Nguyen calls.

The river card is the Diamond J, Salunga bets 650,000, and Nguyen uses one of his Time Chips to tank for a while before he calls. Salunga shows Heart 8Diamond 4 for a bluff, and Nguyen turns over Club AHeart 2 to win the pot with two pair, queens and deuces.

Seat 1.  Ryan Salunga  –  9,500,000
Seat 3.  Ky Nguyen  –  6,000,000
Seat 4.  Chris Lee  –  1,900,000

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