Hand #53: Luke Stewart Eliminated in 6th Place (AUD $55,326 / US $37,461)

Oct 7, 2019

Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart (pictured) moves all in for 1,450,000 from the button. Julius Colman then shoves over the top for 2,150,000 from the small blind. George Psarras instantly mucks his big blind.

Colman: Diamond 10Spade 10
Stewart: Heart QDiamond J

Stewart is unable to improve against Colman’s pocket pair, after the board runs out Diamond ADiamond 7Club 3Heart 8Heart A, resulting in his elimination in 6th place.

Julius Colman  –  3,750,000  (47 bb)
Luke Stewart  –  Eliminated in 6th Place  (AUD $55,326 / ~US $37,461)

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