Hand #53: Yanick Brodeur Eliminated in 4th Place ($216,681)

Sep 24, 2009

Jeremy Brown raises under the gun to 400,000, Yanick Brodeur raises from the big blind to 1.5 million, and Brown quickly says, "All in." Brodeur immediately calls with [AhKd], and he dominates Brown’s [AcQh].

The board comes [9h8c6hQd4d], and Brown pairs his queen on the turn to win the pot.

Yanick Brodeur is eliminated in fourth place, earning $216,681.

Seat 1.  Yanick Brodeur  –  Out in 4th Place ($216,681)
Seat 3.  Jeremy Brown  –  17,990,000
Seat 4.  Olivier Busquet  –  9,405,000
Seat 6.  Ivan Mamuzic  –  3,220,000

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