Hand #7: Christophe Rosso Takes a Big Pot From Darren Elias

Nov 6, 2014

Christophe Rosso
Hand #7  –  Darren Elias raises from middle position to 13,000, Mike Linster reraises from the hijack to 31,000, and Christophe Rosso (pictured) calls from the cutoff. Elias four-bets it to 130,000, Linster folds, and Rosso calls.

The flop comes [9s3c2h], Elias bets 135,000, Rosso min-raises to 270,000, and Elias calls.

The turn is the [Jh], Elias checks, and Rosso moves all in for 411,000. Elias thinks for about 10-15 seconds before he folds, and Rosso shows [4d4h] as he takes the pot.

Christophe Rosso  –  1,260,000  (210 bb)
Darren Elias  –  550,000  (91 bb)

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