Hand #7: Frank Funaro Doubles Thru Eliot Hudon

Dec 20, 2022

Frank Funaro Doubles-3Photo:  Frank Funaro

Benny Glaser raises from the button to 3,200,000 with Heart 9Heart 8, Eliot Hudon calls from the small blind with Club KClub 9, and Frank Funaro moves all in from the button for 15,500,000 with Spade ADiamond 10.

Glaser folds, and Hudon tanks for a while before he calls.

Funaro needs his Spade ADiamond 10 to hold against Hudon’s Club KClub 9 to stay alive.

The board comes Spade 5Spade 3Spade 2Heart 6Diamond 7, and Funaro wins the pot with his ace to double up in chips.

Frank Funaro  –  35,800,000  (22 bb)
Eliot Hudon  –  144,500,000  (90 bb)

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