Hand #72: Ky Nguyen Wins a 4.75 Million Pot to Take a Big Lead Over Ryan Salunga

May 27, 2023

Ky Nguyen
Photo:  Ky Nguyen

Ky Nguyen raises to 300,000, and Ryan Salunga calls from the big blind.

The flop comes Heart QClub 7Club 5, Salunga checks, Nguyen bets 250,000, and Salunga calls.

The turn card is the Club 2, Salunga bets 550,000, and Nguyen calls.

The river card is the Heart 10, Salunga bets 1,200,000, and Nguyen thinks for a while before he calls. Salunga shows Club KDiamond 9 for king high, but Nguyen turns over Club QSpade 4 to win the pot worth 4.75 million with a pair of queens.

Seat 1.  Ryan Salunga  –  3,675,000
Seat 3.  Ky Nguyen  –  13,725,000

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