Hand #73: Jia Liu Bluffs Into Gregory Weber's Full House in an 8.1M Pot

Sep 22, 2017

Greg Weber

Jia Liu raises from the button to 350,000, and Gregory Weber (pictured) calls from the small blind.

Both players check to the turn on a board of Spade 10Spade 7Diamond 6Club 7, Weber bets 425,000, and Liu calls.

The river card double-pairs the board with the Club 10, Weber bets 1,300,000, Liu raises to 3,500,000, and Weber snap-calls.

Liu shows Club 6Club 3 to play the board, while Weber turns over Heart QHeart 10 to win the pot with a full house, tens full of sevens.

Pot Size:  8,100,000

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