Hand #75: Dan Colman Doubles Thru Robert Mizrachi

Apr 5, 2017

Dan Colman

Robert Mizrachi raises under the gun to 350,000, Tony Sinishtaj calls from the button, and Dan Colman (pictured) moves all in for 2,325,000. Mizrachi moves all in over the top for 8,025,000, and Sinishtaj quickly folds.

Colman shows Heart AHeart Q, and needs to improve to stay alive against Mizrachi’s Spade QDiamond Q.

The board comes Diamond KDiamond 8Heart 2Heart 8Heart 10, and Colman wins the pot with an ace-high flush to double up in chips.

Seat 1.  Tony Sinishtaj  –  14,075,000
Seat 2.  Darryll Fish  –  11,250,000
Seat 3.  Dan Colman  –  5,175,000
Seat 6.  Robert Mizrachi  –  5,700,000

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