Hand #75 to #77: Andrew Wilson Re-Takes the Chip Lead

Nov 30, 2022

Andrew Wilson

Hand #75: Josh Kay opens to 2,200,000 and takes it down.

Hand #76: Andrew Wilson opens to 900,000 and Kay calls.

The flop falls Heart 8Club 7Heart 6, and action checks through.

The turn Heart 9 hits the felt, and Kay checks. Wilson bets 700,000 and takes it down.

Level 33 Begins 300,000-500,000/500,000

Hand #77: Kay opens to 2,700,000 and Wilson three-bets to 6,500,000. Kay calls.

The flop falls Diamond AClub 10Heart Q, and action checks through.

The turn Spade 2 hits the felt, and action checks through again.

The river Club 9 completes the board, and Wilson checks.

Kay moves all in for 25,000,000 effective, and Wilson snap calls. Wilson tables Diamond 9Heart 9 for a set and Kay tables Club KHeart 7 for king-high giving Wilson the double back into the chip lead.

Andrew Wilson – 62,500,000 (125 bb)
Josh Kay – 14,500,000 (29 bb)

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