Hand #80: Joseph Deluca Doubles Though Thomas Choi

May 24, 2023

Joseph Deluca

Hand #80:

Thomas Choi opens to 180,000 from the hijack and Chris Lee calls from the button. Joseph Deluca (pictured) shoves for 590,000 from the big blind.

Choi reshoves for over 1,000,000. Lee gets out of the way and its heads up with Deluca holding Club ADiamond A versus Choi’s Diamond JClub J

The board runs out Heart QSpade 3Heart 2Diamond 7Club 7. Delucas aces hold to avoid elimination. 

Joseph Deluca – 1,400,000 (23 bb)
Thomas Choi – 820,000 (14 bb)
Ryan Salunga – 4,900,000 (82 bb)

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