Hand #80: Steve Buckner Doubles Thru Ray Qartomy

May 26, 2022

Steve Buckner-3

Ray Qartomy raises from the button to 650,000, and Steve Buckner (pictured) calls from the big blind.

The flop comes Diamond 6Heart 5Diamond 4, Buckner checks, Qartomy moves all in for 6,500,000, and Buckner snap-calls all in for 4,650,000 with Spade 6Club 6 for a set of sixes.

Qartomy turns over Spade AClub Q for ace high, and Buckner is a huge favorite to double up here.

The turn card is the Club 3, the river card is the Heart 9, and Buckner wins the pot with a set of sixes to double up in chips.

Seat 1.  Steve Buckner  –  10,975,000
Seat 4.  Ray Qartomy  –  1,850,000
Seat 5.  Chance Kornuth  –  26,525,000

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