Hand #83: Darren Elias Doubles Thru Christophe Rosso

Nov 7, 2014

Heads Up_Christophe Rosso_Darren Elias
Hand #83  –  Christophe Rosso raises to 38,000, Darren Elias reraises to 130,000, and Rosso reraises to 538,000. Elias moves all in for 888,000, and Rosso calls with [AdJs]. Elias turns over [7d7h], and he needs it to hold to stay alive.

The board comes [10h5h4s5dQs], and the pocket sevens hold up for Darren Elias to win the pot and double up in chips — making this match effectively even.

Christophe Rosso  –  1,800,000  (112 bb)
Darren Elias  –  1,700,000  (106 bb)

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