Hand #87: Greg Merson Eliminated by Aaron Mermelstein in 4th Place ($78,449)

Sep 29, 2015

Greg Merson

Hand #87 – Aaron Mermelstein opens to 125,000 from the small blind, Greg Merson calls from the big blind. The pair are dealt a Spade 10Club 4Diamond 3 flop. Mermelstein bets 100,000, Merson calls.

The turn comes the Diamond 9. Mermelstein bets 275,000, Merson moves all in for 1,265,000, Mermelstein calls. Mermelstein tables Club JClub J to hold the lead in the hand over Merson’s Club 10Club 8 (a pair of tens. The Spade K river helps neither players hand thus eliminating Merson in fourth place.

Aaron Mermelstein: 7,800,000 (156 bb)
Greg Merson: Eliminated – 4th Place ($78,449)

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