Hand #89: Seth Davies Takes a 3-to-1 Chip Lead

May 5, 2016

Davies_Perceval Heads Up
Photo:  Seth Davies (left) and Ruben Perceval

Hand #89  –  Seth Davies raises to 235,000, Perceval reraises to 705,000, and Davies reraises to 1,250,000. Perceval calls.

The flop comes Diamond 6Spade 3Spade 2, Perceval checks, Davies bets 850,000, and Perceval calls. The turn card is the Spade A, and both players check.

The river card is the Heart K, Perceval checks, Davies moves all in, and Perceval tanks for a full three minutes before he folds. Davies takes the pot, and a 3-to-1 chip lead.

Seth Davies  –  9,450,000  (95 bb)
Ruben Perceval  –  3,000,000  (30 bb)

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