Hand #90: Ryan Tosoc Doubles Through Alex Foxen

Dec 10, 2017

Ryan Tosoc raises to 250,000 and Alex Foxen calls in the big blind to see a Club 3Heart 9Diamond 5 flop fall.

Foxen checks and Tosoc bets 250,000. Foxen elects to check-raise to 800,000 only to have Tosoc three-bet to 1,400,000.

As Foxen’s time is about to expire, he uses an automatic time extension button before eventually making the call as the dealer delivers the Club 7 on the turn.

Foxen checks and Tosoc pushes out a bet totaling 1,500,000. Just before Foxen’s time bank expires, he announces a call and cuts out calling chips before the dealer puts the Diamond 4 on the river to complete the board.

Foxen checks for a third time and Tosoc fairly quickly moves all in for 3,605,000 total. As Tosoc’s stack is broken down to reveal the exact count for Foxen, his time bank begins. Eventually, Foxen is forced to use another time extension button.

As Foxen continues to deliberate, he is forced to use yet another time extension button before he elects to call.

Tosoc tables his Diamond 9Club 9 for top set, and Foxen mucks his hand. With this pot, Tosoc is now back holding the chip lead.

Ryan Tosoc – 13,550,000
Alex Foxen – 10,815,000

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