Hand #93: Asher Conniff Wins the WPT World Championship! ($973,683)

Apr 29, 2015

Champion Asher Conniff
Asher Conniff raises to 175,000, Alexander Lakhov moves all in for 1,655,000, and Conniff snap-calls with AspadeQheart. Lakhov turns over 10heart6heart, and he needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes 7heart5diamond2spade4spadeKspade — Lakhov turns an open-ended straight draw, but improves no further. Asher Conniff wins the pot — and the WPT World Championship — with ace high.

Alexander Lakhov finishes as the runner-up, earning $573,779.

Asher Conniff wins the Season XIII WPT World Championship, earning $973,683, a Hublot Oceanographic 4000 watch, a pair of gold Monster 24K Headphones, and a WPT Champions Trophy.

Asher Conniff wins the WPT World Championship, earning $973,683. That amount includes his $15,400 entry into next season’s WPT World Championship. Conniff also receives a pair of gold Monster 24K Headphones, a Hublot Oceanographic 4000 Watch, and a WPT Champions Trophy. Conniff’s name will also be engraved on the one-and-only WPT Champions Cup, alongside all the other WPT champions from all 13 seasons.

Congratulations to Asher Conniff!

1st:  Asher Conniff  –  $973,683
2nd:  Alexander Lakhov  –  $573,779
3rd:  Brian Yoon  –  $330,358
4th:  Carlos Mortensen  –  $267,764
5th:  Ray Qartomy  –  $208,647
6th:  Tony Dunst  –  $173,873

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