Hand #97: Ruben Perceval Doubles Thru Seth Davies

May 5, 2016

Ruben Perceval
Photo:  Ruben Perceval

Hand #97  –  Seth Davies limps for 120,000, and Ruben Perceval checks his option. Both players check to the turn on a board of Club JClub 6Spade 3Spade Q, Perceval checks, Davies bets 230,000, and Perceval calls.

The river card is the Heart 6, Perceval checks, Davies bets 460,000, and Perceval moves all in for 1,960,000.

Davies tanks for a long time before he calls with Club QSpade 2 for two pair, queens and sixes. But Perceval turns over Club 8Spade 6 to win the pot with trip sixes and double up in chips.

Seth Davies  –  7,800,000  (65 bb)
Ruben Perceval  –  4,660,000  (39 bb)

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