Hand of the Year...

Apr 8, 2006

In middle position, /X200//Brent Keller/ raises 85k and /X206//Kenny Chantamala/ goes ALL-IN for 251k. In the small blind, Ron Wilson also goes ALL-IN for 85k.

Brent Keller stands up and thinks it over. He says, “The way you called (Kenny), you must have pocket Aces…and the way Ron called, you must have Aces? I call, you can’t both have Aces.”

The players turn over their cards. Keller screams, “On my God! You both have Aces!”

Chantamala shows [AdAc] – 40% chance to win.
Wilson shows [AhAs] – 40% chance to win.
Keller shows [KhKs] – 20% chance to win.

Flop comes [7d4s5h]; Keller’s chances of winning is down to 10%.

Turn comes [Kd]; Keller’s set of Kings cracks both pair of Aces!

Keller knocks out both players; Wilson in 11th (his chip stack was lower than Chantamala) and Chantamala finishes in 10th.

Ron Wilson takes home $62,628. Kenny Chantamala takes home $66,803.

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