Hands #1-2: Jeremy Joseph Doubles Thru Victor Paredes

Apr 3, 2023

HAND #1  –  Tony Dunst raises from middle position to 200,000, Jeremy Joseph calls from the small blind, and Dann Turner calls from the big blind. The flop comes Diamond QSpade 4Spade 2, and it checks to Dunst, who bets 175,000. The other two players fold, and Dunst takes the pot.

HAND #2  –  Victor Paredes raises UTG+1 to 200,000, Scott Eskenazi calls from the hijack, and Jeremy Joseph reraises from the button to 700,000.

Paredes four-bets all in, Eskenazi folds, and Joseph calls all in for 2,350,000 with Diamond AClub A.

Paredes turns over Diamond QClub Q, and Joseph needs his aces to hold to stay alive.

The board comes Spade 10Heart 7Diamond 3Spade 6Heart 6, and the aces hold up for Joseph to win the pot and double up in chips.

Jeremy Joseph  –    5,150,000  (52 bb)
Victor Paredes  –  2,100,000  (21 bb)

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