Hands 1-2: Turkewitsch Takes a Big Hit

Feb 24, 2016

Hand #1: On the first hand of this final table it was Thomas Archer who moved all in from the cutoff and all the other players folded.

Hand #2: Chip leader Robert Forbes raised from the small blind to 125,000 and Soren Turkewitsch called from the big blind. The flop brought out Spade ADiamond KHeart 10 and Forbes bet another 200,000, and Turkewitsch called.

On the turn the Club 7 popped up and Forbes bet 325,000, which was called by Turkewitsch as well.

The river brought out the Heart J and Forbes showed no signs of slowing down, betting 675,000 chips. Turkewitsch thought for a while, but ultimately he let go of his hand.

Robert Forbes – 4,700,000 (94bb)
Soren Turkewitsch – 1,200,000 (24bb)

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