Hands #101-104: Dave Farah Takes from Kevin Albers

Sep 20, 2019

Hand #101: Dave Farah raises to 400,000 on the button and Kevin Albers calls in the big blind. The flop lands Heart 2Heart 10Spade A and Albers checks to Farah who bets 600,000. Albers calls, and the turn lands the Club 8. Albers checks and Farah bets 1,200,000. Albers uses his full extension of free time and calls.

The river is the Club 3 and Albers checks. Farah reaches for two stacks of chips and bets 2,800,000. Albers folds.

Hand #102: From the button, Uke Dauti raises to 400,000 and Kevin Albers calls in the small blind, as does Donald Maloney in the big blind.

The flop lands Spade 7Spade ASpade 10 and Albers and Maloney check to Dauti who bets 300,000. Albers folds, and Maloney calls as the turn lands the Heart 4. Maloney checks and Dauti announces 800,000. Maloney folds.

Hand #103: Uke Dauti raises to 400,000 from under the gun before Kevin Albers three-bets to 1,100,000. Dauti folds.

Hand #104: Donald Maloney raises the button to 450,000 and wins the blinds and ante.

Seat 1: Kevin Albers – 13,425,000
Seat 3: Donald Maloney – 6,175,000
Seat 5: Dave Farah – 8,900,000
Seat 6: Uke Dauti – 17,650,000

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